St. Edward Floral Est. April 24 1989

Opening day!

How it all began…

Twenty-eight years. Who would have thought?

Cindy originally partnered with The Flower Barrel owner, Julie Jarecki, to get on her feet for the first eight months of the store being open. The store was initially located (if you have ever been to St. Edward) in the old Big Iron or Stock Reality & Auction building (210 Beaver Street). The building was open and had quite the unique characteristics, including an open stairway and upstairs. Her only regret is moving buildings now—but financially at the time it made more sense to purchase the building we are in now (315 Beaver Street), instead of rent.

When she opened her best sellers were the basics: flowers, plants, balloons and silks. Not much has changed 28 years later. Much of her décor was dried floral arrangements (which she says she was not a fan of) and country—not primitive but country. The colors ‘country blue’ and burgundy were all the rage and modern décor was not even a thing (GASP). She also sold a lot of ceramics that she made herself—yes she had a kiln and everything in her basement!

Yes, those are balloons taped on the wall…

“Everything that was popular when I started is now in-style again. That’s a sign I’ve been doing this to long.”

GREAT HAIR DAY! Quite a few years after moving into 315 Beaver Street.

Fast forward to now…

Her favorite thing about working here for 28 years is still fresh floral design. She enjoys how today anything goes, from the color of flowers you use, vase (then it was basket) and design aspect is more easy-going and playful. Cindy also said the same thing goes for home décor too, “Anything goes. The mix and matching of colors, types of décor and design and how we mesh it together today is not as restricting as it used to be.”

To celebrate the shops birthday on Monday, April 23, 2017, we will be having a birthday sale—28% OFF ENTIRE STORE (fresh flowers not included).

A huge THANK YOU to all our customers that have supported us for the past 28 years. You guys have allowed us to do what we love every day and are grateful to have your business. Words cannot describe how amazing the journey has been and we so excited to see what the future holds for us!

Thank you,

Cindy & Heather