We have been back from market for a little over a month now and we are receiving new product daily! Below (in no particular order) we have selected a few of our favorite new things that we have gotten in so far.

Needless to say, we haven’t even gotten half of the stuff we have ordered and we are excited to keep you posted! If you have any questions about something you seen that is not available online please e-mail us or give us a call at 402-678-3334.

Always think outside of the box,


Decorative Tic-Tac-Toe: Perfect, practical décor for a coffee table or lamp side table. Great for narrow shelves and easy for kids to use! Oh, and it looks great too!

Hanging Frames: These hanging frames (which are not up online yet—I know yell at me now) go great alone or with a wall setting. Modern or country these will fit right in and give you some dimension.

Sweet Grace© Decorative Candles: Not only do these smell delish they look gorgeous! Great for accenting your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or wherever your heart desires to put these unique candles. They work great on sconces and in trays, another practical and pretty décor piece.

Trays: Trays are still in and we’re not made about it one bit. The new styles include more than one texture and different uses as well.

Cussing Arm Candy: These inappropriate bracelets have got us blushing! They are so dainty and done-well that your bracelet is your best kept secret.

Wall Décor: Modern or primitive we got the goods! Do you want rustic wood and words? We got’um. Do you want modern and crisp? We got’um. Small, medium and large? We got’um. The pieces have a lot of new texture and color and intricate pieces for a statement or a wall setting.

Rock On, Peace and OK: These are just one of many knew sit-arounds we have for your shelves or trays. We love that they aren’t the typical vase or candle pillar, we want you to shake things up a bit. I mean are they not a great conversation piece?