It’s been a while! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

This is the cheesey thank you to everyone that has supported and helped our small business grow this year. We would not be here or be able to extend our business online without you and we truly would not be here without you. Thank you for shopping local. After being open for 27years you have to be creative in getting new customers and your word-of-mouth advertising, liking, sharing and pinning in recent years are allowing us to continue to grow as a business. Forever grateful, blessed and (again) thankful for your continued business with us!

Much love,

Cindy & Heather

Now on with a new blog post…

With January right around the corner we are looking forward to market! I am so PUMPED to say it frankly. For those of you that are not familiar with what market is let me break it down for you:

  • It is where we go and buy everything in the store. Literally everything. All our silk flowers, vases for fresh flowers, plaques, home décor, moss for the bottom of our decorative lanterns…EVERYTHING!
  • We go to market (usually) twice a year—in January to buy for spring and July for Christmas décor.
  • The best way to describe market is a large, multi-story mall. The stores are showrooms and essentially ‘shop’ for what you would like to carry at your store—but trust me it is not as hunky-dory as it sounds. There are showroom minimums and quantities that must be purchased in order to ‘shop’ in certain ones. You place an order and they ship it to you—again not as awesome as it sounds, sometimes getting an order can take up to six months and products can be backordered or discontinued in that time.
  • Fun fact: We walk a minimum of 10 miles at market in just one day and we are usually there at least four full days. I believe the most we have every walked (source: my Fitbit and Cindy’s Galaxy S6 phone) was 24.7-25.8 miles. Comfy shoes are a huge deal at market for an obvious reason.

Market inspires us and teaches about the upcoming trends for the New Year. We are guessing the shabby-chic primitive look will be everywhereagain , as well as industrial.

When people asked us last year after getting back from summer market what was popular we responded with, “Everything.” We weren’t kidding. You can find just about any trend right now—modern to vintage was available as well as everything in between. IT IS SO EXCITING. My mom also said about two years ago after walking into a few showrooms, “I’ve been doing this to long, everything I started out with how many [27 ] years ago is back in style.” Such as, the doilies and more primitive look versus the modern and sleek grays, gold’s and natural tones that many people enjoy now.

Keep watching our social media—Instagram & Facebook—for sneak-peeks on what we will be ordering! Also, let us know if you are looking for something particular, we do a lot of custom shopping for customers while we are there.

Always think outside of the box,


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