Mi Casa, Su Casa – Game Room

Today I am going to introduce you to Russ and I’s favorite room in the house. No it’s not the kitchen, it’s our game room. It’s where everyone hangs out, or just him and I. Complete with hammock, pool table (which is actually not ours, shout out to The Schwartz’s), foosball table, barrel table and chairs and keg-o-rater (Coors Light for those who were wondering). Yes, people this room is the bomb.

All of the wall décor was given to Russ as gifts and anything that wasn’t given to him, he bought when traveling. The one thing I contributed to the room was the barrel table and chairs that I stole from my dad. I’m not sure why we decided to hang a hammock in here but it’s a hit when watching movies or when the nieces and nephews are over.

There are a few windows due to this being a sun room—weird I know. As most of you know, I love dark colors. The color of his room is almost black, it’s a deep gray [Do-it Best Slate Shingle Roof (F174), Werner’s Hardware & Gifts). With all the windows I took advantage of it and painted it the darkest color I could before it matched my soul. It also helps bring all the ‘bar’ décor together too.

The French doors are great when it’s just guys out there and I don’t feel like listening to them or Motely Crue (which I have seen live and they are great no doubt or hate here).

We like to entertain so that explains why this room is our favorite. Entertaining was the inspiration for the way I decorated this room. This is another room I decorated before I actually moved in but I haven’t changed it since we’ve been married because it’s perfect—not trying to brag or anything. We like to go to the bar, so I figured why not bring the bar home?

What’s your favorite room in your house and why? Have you ever even really thought about it? I hadn’t until I started writing this blog. Also if you read the blog down to this point use code: blog as the coupon at check out for 15% off one item—also good in-store if you mention this blog.

Always think outside the box,


CHEERS! For the record, that Host Cooling Pint cup stays frozen for 4-5 beers. No judgement zone here people, I like to unwind. A lot.