#TRENDING at St. Ed Floral

Our best selling home décor items come from these two categories, Industrial and Shabby Chic! Which one is your favorite?


This trend is on fire. The raw wood and deep-colored metal is everywhere. You wouldn’t think there would be much texture with the two main components being wood and metal, but boy do they provide an array to choose from. I believe this trend is so popular is because you can incorporate it in just about any home already. Whether you’re modern or country it’s easy to add a little something that says, “I’m a bit edgier, I’m spicing things up a bit in here!” And spice up you will.

The reason I have been such a huge fan of this trend is because of the furniture. Many people have commented that it is manly, I do see why they feel that way but I want to teach you how to “lighten” it up—add a bright piece of wall décor above your new industrial cart. Got a new shelf that doesn’t quite fit with your barn wood, add rustic décor on the shelf to mesh it into the rest of your décor.

Like I said, most houses can add an industrial touch easily. Some that I would suggest to start with are small shelving, candle sconces or accessories. You can normally blend small home accents in easily with your already used décor. Make sure you match your color scheme already going, if you’re more modern and tend to gravitate towards a more silver accent, go with a deeper gun metal to keep on the same color scheme. If you’re country, go with the softer, antiqued accent metals and warmer, lighter woods.

If you want to make a statement I would suggest a large piece of furniture or wall décor. Most industrial wall décor will spark a conversation or at least make your guest(s) think about what they are looking at. Some popular industrial themes are trains/train tracks, framed metal pieces, such as a mirror, clocks are raw and simple.

Trending: #Shabby-Chic #Primitive

Burlap. Mason jars. Galvanized everything. Repurposing. These things (just to name a few) are everywhere, homes, weddings, Junktagious (a local “junk” festival, find them on Facebook they are the queens of this). The flower shop has been open for 27 years and my mom, aka owner of the store, said, “I’ve been doing this to long. This is what we sold when I first opened.” What goes around comes around! I mean, we are selling doilies again!

I personally do not decorate my home like this, but I would say over half of my friends do. Old windows, wooden picture frames, crates, etc., look cozy and even-cottage like in their homes. My suggestion to add a bit of a primitive or shabby-chic touch to your home is to start by adding burlap/rustic-like ribbon around your already-there décor, such as vases or candles. Buy some burlap silk flowers to spruce up a vase or sit your décor in a rustic tray, don’t over think it! Burlap or rustic orbs are always an easy and cheap way to add some primitive goodness to your home also.

In my opinion the primitive, shabby-chic look is still pouring gas on the décor worlds fire coals! Industrial is hot on its tail to say the least. These trends also go so well together. You can mix the burlap with the raw wood and the train picture with the galvanized lantern, it’s great that it gives us flexibility to add to what we have (and want)!

Always think outside the box,