Be the Ultimate Gift Giver

Who doesn’t love receiving a gift? I believe the best gifts are unplanned and a surprise to whomever is that amazing in your life and deserves it. The second best time to receive a gift is for a special occasion, birthday, anniversary, promotion, etc. Third best… whatever you get the point that when you get a gift, present or something on that line you feel like the bee’s knee’s.

Receiving a gift is obviously the better end of the deal and I’ve noticed a lot of our customer stress about finding someone the perfect ‘something’ for whatever occasion it may be. A few questions I always ask the gift buyer:

  1. What does she enjoy? Whether it be a color, hobby, jewelry and so on it is a start
  2. What is the gift for? You can usually feel out how close the customer is to the person with this question—birthday for my mom, best friend, employee and on and on—obviously when you’re shopping for that particular person you have a price range or some kind of inkling of what they may like
  3. Price range? It’s essential for many reasons, the more the person means to you the more you spend along with how important the occasion be: birthday, wedding, bad day, good luck, congrats and such

Not to brag but I am a pretty marvelous gift giver. I mean it’s either that or my family and friends are great at lying to me about how much they love the presents I give them.  I have a few rules that I follow of course, they are as follows:

  1. Buy something that is practical and if not practical funny—make it both and you’ve received five gold stars. I agree this doesn’t apply to all of your present receivers but for the majority of them, most likely I assume
  2. Have they not stopped talking about something lately? It could be a song, J-Lo’s new boyfriend, hating cleaning or food of some kind—I mean you know where I’m going with this
  3. PRICE! It is a demon. Of course I would go buy my friend Nicki a Rumba if I could because she hates cleaning and has four animals, but I cannot afford that for myself, so settle for a candle to ease the smell of her litter box situation. Just kidding Nicki, I love you and your fur babies (and your soon to be human baby). I also won’t settle buying her a mediocre gift obvi. She sells Scentsy so a candle from the store is out of the question, but she did just move in to a new house and likes decorating so a nice table runner or bowl will do. Two thumbs up.

My opinions of easy gifts:

  • Plaques are popular right now. They make gifts easy, from the wrapping, giving and opening aspect. They hang or sit and say cute, quirky things.
  • Along with plaques there are also candles, also mentioned in my first blog. If they don’t like candles get them melts, electric diffusers, reeds, scent spheres…HELLO, everyone likes a good smelling house, apartment, dorm, etc.
  • Entertaining accessories, such as napkins, cute cups, serving bowls and trays!
  • We can never have too much jewelry right? Pile it on your friends.

If you’re struggling, my go-to is to buy something you would like yourself (and put a gift receipt in the bag, duh).

Always think outside the box,


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