Often times our customers come in and want to add a little pizzazz to what they already have. Many times it’s as simple as some greenery or a few orbs to replace the candles on your sconces. The same thing goes when decorating for seasons; add some garland around your candles or orbs, a festive bow and greenery on your lantern or vase. Don’t over think it!

A few of our favorite everyday and seasonal change ups:

  • Add greenery or a pick to your sconces, pillars, lantern, vases, etc.
  • Change your candles on your sconces or pillars to objects, such as a small plaque or orb
    • Fall: use a pumpkin or gourd
    • Christmas: an ornament or festive figurine
    • Spring: a flower head (i.e. gerbera daisy) or bright colored orb
      • I constantly change one area on my kitchen counter for seasons. Halloween I have spider candy bowl with mercury pumpkin, for Christmas I have polar bears and ceramic presents and every other season gets my everyday décor.
    • Table Runners: they are easy to change out for the seasons, reasonably priced and add a different texture to your décor that was otherwise on a bar surface.
    • Garlands: most are over four feet long and take up a lot of space. Many people feel they are not the cheapest route but think about what you’re getting when purchasing one.
      • Top of a cabinet, on a railing, above a fireplace
      • Easy to change for seasons
        • I change the garland on my fireplace for Fall and Winter seasons and it looks empty during the summer season—the only reason I don’t have one is because I haven’t found one that tickles my fancy.

I personally love changing up my décor for the seasons. I completely understand that this can become expensive, which is why I say start with one of the everyday change ups I mentioned earlier. Also, don’t just buy something to buy it—little or big—just like I haven’t bought a spring/summer garland and look where I work! Take your time, purchase things you love or else you end spending more in the long run on replacing those irrelevant items.

Always think outside the box,


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