Welcome to my house (Flo Rida voice), I’m going to show you my couch…I know, that was bad. This week’s blog will be about my living room, complete with Christmas décor.

Eventually I would love to paint this room grey to match the white stone fireplace, but that’s a mile or six down the road. This room was actually wood paneling when I moved in with a few tan walls, a little primer and paint and no one can tell (at least I hope). Russ already had the non-wood paneling walls painted tan so I just continued that color through the room. He also had the tan micro-suede couches as well before I moved in so I just spruced them up with a new accent pillows colored white, orange, tan, dark brown, gold’s and gun metal grey sequins. Do not be scared to not match your everyday décor!

My Christmas décor reflects my “want” to paint the room grey. Silvers, grey’s, blacks and reds are my main colors. I call it festive others call it overload. The only reason I have anything red in the room is because my budget would not allow me to match my fireplace garland to my tree, banister décor and fireplace swag. I KNOW, I wish Santa was real too for this exact reason. Totally throwing off my grey/silver/black groove. No worries, the red, silver and black will be retired to our game room (stay tuned for that blog in the near future, it will match the Budweiser decor).

My wall décor is two canvases with a modern-ish design in browns & golds ($170.98 ea). In between the canvases are two candle sconces, deep brown metal with brown and gold glass shades (35.98 ea), I have remote control candles in these—yes, remote control candles, set of two for $36.98 for a set of three. My pillows range from $20.98-46.98, of course the beaded one would cost me a date night (worth it, by the way).

A lot of people give me a hard time or even judge me by how much I spend on my décor. Well, I take my time. I will have empty walls for years (trust me, our bedroom has been empty for two) before I spend money on something I am not in love with. When I say “in love with” I mean, something that I can look at for 5+ years. Not kidding, if it’s going to cost me $350 for my two canvases in my living room I better LOVE THEM and keep them up for quite a while. By the time you buy a few pieces that you aren’t thrilled with two times over, you end up spending twice as much as just waiting for that perfect peice. Patience!

Always think outside of the box,