Mi Casa, Su Casa

The two  most common things many people say to my mom and I in the store when helping them decorate their home:

“I would love to see what your house looks like!” and “What’s your style?”

So we have decided to give you guys a look into our homes, starting with my dining room and one of my favorite rooms in my home—also least used, of course. So let’s get to it!

My Dining Room

Meet my buddy, Frank. He is my statement piece in my dining room. He sits on a navy wall (Bought in Humphrey, NE, Werner’s Do-It Best Paint, Navy Blazer D264 ) and is accented by shades of blue, green and white included on the curtains and table runner. My center table pieces include a lantern, vases and glass topped pillar. Obviously this room is only used to be looked at, speaking of which the only time I have ever used it was addressing wedding invites and writing thank you’s… but boy does it look good from the kitchen and hallway areas.

I have lived with Russ for about 2 ½ years, he has lived here for about 5 years—I know, I know we have only been married since April but I do recommend it ladies speaking from experience now. This was the first room that I completely “re-did”. I should have taken before and after pictures now that I think of it. The walls were white with nothing on them so I had a blank canvas.

My inspiration was Frank. I seen him and had to have him. His colors and textures made me so happy, literally.  Not only that, but have you ever seen anything else like Frank? It’s a salamander wearing glasses for Pete’s sake! Anyone that has been in my dining room comments on him—by the way ladies, he is single. I purchased him for $180.98 worth of awesomeness at the flower shop. After finding him, in all his canvas glory, I decided that since the majority of the piece is white I needed to paint the wall a deep color to make him pop. In walks my amazing navy statement wall with nothing else but Frank on it.

My curtains ($40.98 a panel, insulated), along with table runner (it’s reversible to the curtain design!, $24.98), added a more detailed texture to the room, which I needed with the majority of Frank being white.  I also decided to paint the side walls grey (Bought in Humphrey, NE, Werner’s Do-It Best Paint, Storm Watch, F322) to lighten up the atmosphere. With the curtains and runner being so ‘busy’, the table decorations are grey and white and simple. Yes, I know many of you think I’m crazy for saying that is ‘simple’, but I can’t help that I like it! Like I said, the room is merrily to be looked at and that’s exactly what I designed it to be like, so let me know what you think!

I’m sure many of you have come to the conclusion by looking at the photos I took of my dining room that I have more of a modern taste. I definitely sway that way, along with my mom—don’t worry we will be featuring her home soon too! My reasoning is because my love of extremely bright and dark colors. And I mean extreme—my navy wall doesn’t even throw shade at my lime green and magenta walls in my bedroom—not joking.

Always feel free to comment or ask questions!

Always think outside the box,


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