Many customers ask us, “What is everyone buying this year?” So, with Christmas coming I decided to give you a little glimpse into our best seller list this year! Hopefully it will give a little nudge to finish up your holiday shopping or add the perfect touch to your seasonal décor!

  1. Silk: I have preached about silk picks in previous blogs. They come in all shapes and sizes, garlands and wreaths and help tie a ‘setting’ together without exploding your wallet! I don’t necessarily have a personal favorite pick or garland, but I love the flocked look! So anything flocked is my jam.
  2. Words: Anything with words on it, such as plaques, wall décor, vases. They say everything from being grateful to quirky, fun phrases. Also, chalkboards that you can write whatever you please on sold like crazy as well. My personal favorite is the “Farmhouse Fresh” plaque and the chalkboard with arrow decal on top.
  3. Wine Chiller: This is an everyday best seller. We have sold 50+ of these just this year. It’s a great price and everyone raves about how well they work. My personal favorite is the cooling pint glass, because I’m a beer drinker. It stays frozen for four or five beers and by then I don’t need any more…right? No.
  4. Candles: I am not going to lie, before this year we ordered candles just seasonally (about three times a year), just this Christmas season we have reordered three times. We are definitely not mad about it. I don’t know if it’s the scents or how we have used them in our everyday displays but people are buying more than ever! My personal favorite is the Strawberry-Rhubarb, holy deliscious-ness—even after you burn it at night I wake up in the morning and smell it.
  5. Pillows: This is really the first year we have carried quite a variety of accent pillows and we have been pleasantly surprised. Our seasonal pillows have done well this year for the mom that has to buy “two or three (or four or five) of something to give the girls”. My personal favorite is the “&” orange and tan pillow, which is a home on my bed. PSA: Check out our sale section, we’ve marked some of our pillows down, jump on it!
  6. Arrows: Talk about #trend alert. Arrows are every-where, they actually fall in the same category as our #2 best seller, words, as in they are on everything from wall décor, plaques and even just “sitting” arrows. Words and arrows are even combined on a lot of the décor we carry. Obvi our customers are digging it. Hard.

This list represents a lot of what I bought for gifts this year as well. For example, my sister-in-law is the queen of candles and enjoys decorating so I got her a pillar, candle and greenery for her counter, buffet, bathroom or where ever she pleases. It also won’t hurt my feelings if she reads this and texts me, “Sorry, try again with the gift.”

Previously I have written a blog on how to be an Ultimate Gift Giver, well it’s the time of year were I put my words of wisdom of gift giving in to ‘live’ mode and shop, shop, shop. I do tend to tell people to check out our Facebook page and website to see if they like anything, which is cheating and not a very good surprise but HEY you know where I’m going to buy your gift anyways (especially if you’re a girl) so you might as well attempt to find something you like. Ha, I didn’t mean to sound rude but let’s just call it like it is. Another tip if you are struggling with what to get someone, stalk them on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to see what they are ‘liking’ or commenting on other peoples pages/posts. Yes, I do this #nojudging.


Always think outside of the box,


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