About Us

Could you work everyday with your mother or daughter? We do! It’s our most asked question, “How is it working with her everyday?” Rather easy if you ask us.

Lady boss Cindy Stephens opened St. Edward Floral in 1989 and has never looked back. Married and raising two little boys she decided she wasn’t busy enough, so she decided to try for a third little one. After being open only three months she found out she was expecting. Ta-duh, Heather was born!

Fast-forward to today, Heather Stephens-Foltz has been working at the store since 2013. Born and raised at the flower shop, literally had a bed there, she knew if she didn’t try it out she would regret it. So here we are, trying to take over the Midwest with our fresh floral designs and décor that is one-of- a-kind. Whether it be helping you make your wedding day perfect or sending someone a “Happy Birthday” bouquet we always make everything ourselves and original. We get inspiration from everything, whether it be a color we see in a store to a theme at a restaurant, even the way a wire is wrapped around an old fence post– we thrive off everything! We enjoy color, texture, ‘moods’, and so much more, it helps us when customizing that special floral arrangement or home décor piece just for you.

Right now with the ‘anything goes’ attitude we are able to mix and match modern and rustic or industrial with country. Lots of color has been on trend this year as well, which we love and have definitely hopped on that band wagon movement.

Trends change, that’s the beauty of our business.

Happy Shopping,
Cindy & Heather